Make the MOST of Your TIME with Kettlebells

The kettlebell is the most efficient and versatile tool for all-body functional fitness.

It is a superb tool to train with on your own, with friends, at home, outdoors or in a gym.

But any tool is only as good as its MASTER.

So, to make the most of your bell, you must learn how to use it for maximum results and minimum injury.

At Kettlebell Academy, we coach health-conscious men and women who value their time to use kettlebells correctly, safely and effectively to feel and look STRONG, be FIT, move like a NINJA, and live with SKILL.

The western fitness industry model is aimed at keeping the consumer in a passive, confused and dependent state, chasing after quick fixes, cheap thrills and fads. So, if you spend too much time agonising about your body and not enough time taking action, the reason is information overload, overabundance of commercial gimmicks and a paralysis by choice. You are not alone.


Our goal at Kettlebell Academy is to help you create a simple, straightforward, solid and sustainable practice that suits your lifestyle.

We use the very best principles of Eastern, Russian, European and Western Models to optimize your body's functions in the minimal time, so that you can then move on to more important things like living your life, pursuing your dreams, building your career, spending time with your family, enjoying your relationships - i.e. using your STRENGTH and HEALTH to pursue the things that actually matter

Kettlebell Academy is second to none when it comes to coaching movement, technique, progression and mindset - the key ingredients that provide you with bulletproof confidence, skills and knowledge to make the MOST of every minute of your (super short) training sessions and your (long, strong and colourful) life. 

Don't waste another second of your precious life, join the kettlebell family!

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15 years of experience

About Ekaterina Tabakova

Kat is a strength, conditioning & mobility trainer, a nutrition coach, and an SFG Level II instructor based in Auckland.

Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)
Group Fitness Instructor (ACE)
Crossfit Gymnastics Certification
Comprehensive First Aid
CPR Certified
Water and Fire Rescue Certified
SFG Level II Certified Instructor
Precision Nutrition Certified Coach - Level 1
Crossfit Certified Trainer - Level 1
Sports Performance Nutrition Certified Coach
IKSFA Girevoy Sport Coach