We help you fulfill your health, fitness and athletic potential, either in person or through distance coaching & programme design.

Athletes & Fitness Enthusiasts

Our goal is to help you achieve new levels of fitness and health, self discipline, confidence and focus through the practice of kettlebell and calisthenics training.
Kettlebells are more than swings and snatches. They're about integrity, discipline, inner stillness, and becoming more focused and confident in every aspect of life.

Whether you want to feel stronger and more energetic, make fitness a permanent life-long habit, improve your performance or prepare for a competition, we help you turn that dream into a step-by-step plan and that plan into reality.

Our vision is to motivate, guide, inspire and support you in the spirit of commitment to purpose, camaraderie, efficiency and achievement.

And... we have fun! Our sessions are filled with smiles and laughter. You'll make friends, enjoy your time, and walk away happier than when you came.

  • Master the findamentals of kettlebell training via a world-class movement education system
  • Achieve proficiency and confidence in bodyweight calisthenics skills
  • Take your kettlebell and caisthenics skills to intermediate and advanced levels
  • Improve mobility, power, strength, endurance and stamina
  • Bulletproof your joints and achieve superior health
  • Attain your goals in Hardstyle Kettlebell Challenges
  • Prepare to compete in Girevoy Sport

Fitness Professionals

Prepare for the Strong First Kettlebell Certification (SFG I):

13 years of experience

About Ekaterina Tabakova

Kat is a strength, conditioning & mobility coach and SFG instructor based in Auckland.

She dedicates her life to training and developing programmes to help athletes, fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, law enforcement, lawyers, doctors, teachers and busy parents to reach their goals, improve their performance and their lives.

Kat's philosophy is based on creating strong, flexible and resilient bodies and minds via high technique standards and step-by-step progression principles.

Kat has been involved in a variety of power-based sports for over 25 years in Russia and New Zealand.

Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)
Group Fitness Instructor (ACE)
CrossFit Level 1 Certification
SFG Level 1 Certification
Crossfit Gymnastics Certification
Precision Nutrition - Level 1
Sports Performance Nutrition Certification
Comprehensive First Aid
CPR Certified
Water and Fire Rescue Certified