Welcome to Kettlebell Academy of New Zealand

How would you like to enjoy a flexible discipline that fits into your lifestyle, enhances your existence, gives you an athletic body and makes you feel unstoppable every time you work out.

- Gain competency and confidence not only with kettlebells but also with your own bodyweight - correctly, safely and effectively. 

- Master skills at your own pace in a smart, holistic and progressive coaching format.

- Achieve whole body strength, flexibility, endurance and power.

- Get vibrantly healthy and trim down with proven, powerful and sustainable nutrition coaching.

- Make exercise a permanent part of your life

Here you build unshakeable fitness habit that is satisfying and leads to mastery.

13 years of experience

About Kat Tabakova

Ekaterina Gabrielle Tabakova (Kat) grew up in Russia and is based in New Zealand.

Kat's passion is helping individuals worldwide become their best selves via unbreakable fitness and health habits.

Her work is fuelled by her love of people, deep interest in physiology, biomechanics, theories of learning, fitness, nutrition, psychology, personality theory, logotherapy & life coaching.

Using a multidisciplinary approach and vast coaching experience Kat creates accountability, support, and step by step plans that are in line with your lifestyle and values, and help you infinitely improve.

Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)
Group Fitness Instructor (ACE)
CrossFit Level 1 Certification
SFG Level 1 Certification
Crossfit Gymnastics Certification
Precision Nutrition - Level 1
Sports Performance Nutrition Certification
Comprehensive First Aid
CPR Certified
Water and Fire Rescue Certified