Courage Corner

CC is a coaching session made up of only 3 participants.

CC delivers a very high quality of technique coaching  and attention per participant. Plus it draws on the motivational energy of a team during the workout component of the session.

The Courage Corner is all about refining your technique, practicing new kettlebell skills, learning advanced complexes and exercises, attempting new personal bests, and progresing in your calisthenics (pull ups, push ups, pistols) and flexibility (back bridge, splits etc).

Courage Corner (CC) Sessions:  

1. BCC - Beginners Courage Corner 

This session is for individuals starting out with kettlebells and aiming to improve their kettlebell skills and movement quality. It is dedicated to learning and practicing the 21 fundamental exercises of Kettlebell training. It has a Strength (Monday), Fundamentals (Wednesday) and Benchmark (Friday) focused classes.

2. CC Strength


A weekly must for intermediate and advanced trainees. Functional strength is a core element in having low body fat levels, improving all-round performance, eliminating back pain, preventing injuries, improving posture and movement quality. Learn how to progress your weights in the major kettlebell exercises, plus how to go from a squat to a pistol, from a row to a pull-up and from a kneeling push-up to a one-arm push-up.

3. CC Square (Courage Corner Complexes & Circuits)

This is an intermediate/advanced physically and mentally challenging session that consists of a gymnastics strength component, followed by learning a new kettlebell complex or a circuit. Complexes are a series of linked Kettlebell exercises performed without putting the kettlebell down. Circuits a series of mixed kettlebel and calisthenics exercises coming one after another. Complexes require technique mastery of the kettlebell fundamentals: swing, clean and press, TGU, Snatch, Lunge variations and Squat variations,. You do not need to use a heavy weight but you must have full mastery of form. Complexes are the most complete exercise format, they build strength endurance, are cardiovascularly taxing, burn a TON of calories and 

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develop focus.

4. CC GI - Girevoy Instruction (Kettlebell Endurance)

Girevoy Sport uses a very different technique, which is referred to as Soft Style Kettlebell Lifting. This is an endurance-focused method of lifting a weight in a more fluid fashion, with emphasis on strategic relaxation and tension. Hard Style is a strength-focused practice used in all other Kettlebell Academy training sessions. The two styles greatly compliment each other, after significant amounts of practice and instruction. 

This is an advanced level session for members who have achieved reasonable mastery of kettlebell lifting and either wish to prepare for Girevoy Sport (Kettlebell Sport), are curious about it or desire to boost their strength endurance and stamina.

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Kettlebell Dojo @ Silo Park, Auckland

Fresh air, sun, sea, cover in case of rain, great people and kettlebells galore! 

The Dojo is a weekly outdoor kettlebell workshop for the whole family. The theme is different with every session, and the more popular themes (TGU, The swing, kettlebell Sport) repeat regularly. Each class consists of a warm up, a technique instruction for a fundamental kettlebell exercise, a workout using the new exercise and a stretch. The exercises are scaled to your level of experience, the intensity is moderate to high. 

Join Kettlebell Dojo because it's a great way to try out kettlebell training, polish your technique, have a great time with like minded people and get fit outdoors.

Sign up via the MindBody App. Search: Kettlebell Academy of New Zealand

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Fundamentals Course

amber bw.jpgWhether you want to join Courage Corner or Kettlebell Dojo or simply learn good technique for your own training, this is where you begin. Fundamentals is a series of 1on1 and/or small group sessions plus a Home Performance Plan, all geared to have you ready to use Kettlebells correctly, safely and effectively on your own.


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