Top Ten Reasons to Train with Kettlebells & Bodyweight: 

< By Phil Ross, Master RKC >

1) Strength on a neural level. 

Other training systems develop strength through muscle hypertrophy.

Kettlebell and bodyweight training addresses strength on a neural level, strengthening the body from the inside out, starting from the core. The muscles don’t necessarily have to get bigger for you to get stronger. No machines, benches, or fancy apparatus are required. Proprioception is leveraged with kettlebell and bodyweight training. 

2) Prevention and management of shoulder injuries. 

How many people do you know who have a shoulder injury? Most people don’t know how to pack their shoulders and engage the latissimus dorsi. Learning this skill removes a great deal of stress from the shoulders and shifts the load to the large lat muscle (latissimus dorsi). With a kettlebell and bodyweight training system, the focus is on the strength and mobility of the shoulders. 

3) Explosive power. 

Explosive power is developed through with plyometric and ballistic movements. Kettlebell swings, snatches, and cleans are all explosive movements that recruit the posterior chain (low back, glutes and hamstrings). These exercises access and develop the power of the hips and rooting with the floor.  

4) Mobility. 

We don’t simply "bang out hardcore workouts."

We utilize movement and restorative training as well. If you are going to push your body, you must prepare it for the session then cool down as you increase your flexibility and mobility. Mobility training includes packing the shoulders as you move your body, bridges for spinal flexion and strength, thoracic mobility movements as well as other drills designed for your hips, neck, wrists, ankles, feet, toes, hands and fingers. Mobile and stable joints enable you to perform better and reduce the incidence of injury. 

5) Body control. 

The ability to control one’s own body through a myriad of movements displays and develops athletic ability and performance. The balance, strength and spatial awareness created by bodyweight training is second to none. If you are unable to control your body properly, how can you safely train with additional load? If you have weaknesses and asymmetries, you will only compound your situation. You need to strengthen the intrinsic and stabilizing muscles for usable, sport-applicable strength. Additionally, bodyweight training helps you find your ideal weight. If someone can’t accomplish certain movements, they might not possess the proper strength to weight ratio. 

6) Flexibility. 

A flexible muscle has greater resilience and a higher capacity to develop explosive power. The full range of motion used in our Kettlebell, bodyweight and suspension training enable the participants to use the whole muscle during their movements, especially in respect to opening the joints and accessing the posterior chain. 

7) Muscular and cardiovascular endurance. 

Many kettlebell workouts require 10, 20, 50, or even 100 repetitions. This develops an incredible amount of muscular endurance and engages three energy systems, ATP-CP, anaerobic, and the aerobic.  

8) Increased strength within athletic weight class. 

Two primary methods increase strength: muscle hypertrophy and neural adaptation. Standard resistance training increases strength by increasing the size of the muscle fibers. Due to the offset center of gravity and the shape of the kettlebell, the body must respond by recruiting motor units, stabilizers and the intrinsic muscles to keep the kettlebell in alignment. Hardstyle kettlebell training "teaches" the body how to be strong without adding great amounts of mass.

Kettlebell training results include a harder, more flexible, explosive and lean body. 

9) Efficiency. 

Few people have a spare two or three hours a day to spend at the gym in the quest for ultimate fitness. When kettlebells and calisthenics are utilized, 30 minutes is more than sufficient to accomplish the five essential modes of fitness: muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and body composition (lean body mass).

All of the facets of fitness, plus mobility, can be trained within a relatively short timeframe. 

10) Safe training for young athletes. 

Kettlebells are safe for young athletes. Because of the offset center of gravity, a much lighter kettlebell can help the athlete safely achieve the same results as training with a much heavier barbell.

Calisthenics require no additional weight to employ.

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Starting with Kettlebells?

How to Tame Your Bell - Kettlebells 101 Workshop


At this workshop, you will learn how to safely and effectively use the kettlebell. 

The kettlebell is an incredibly powerful tool. With great power comes great responsibility. Kettlebell training has the capacity to give you a strong back, arms, shoulders, glutes, legs and core, build incredible stamina, and functional strength that has real-world applications. Unfortunately, most people are using the kettlebell in a way that not only isn't making these things happen, but that is incredibly unsafe and leads to injury and frustration.

In this 2-hour practical course, you will learn the fundamental principles, safety rules and techniques of kettlebell training, including how to handle the kettlebell correctly for different exercises, what kettlebell weights are best to use, how to apply biomechanical breathing, how to engage your core and butt, how to keep your lower back, shoulders and knees safe, and correct training posture. You will also learn how to swing and squat with the kettlebell correctly, and, if time allows, begin to master Turkish GetUp and Press.

In addition, you will learn the basics of Mobility training, how to consistently apply them in your life, how to get the best bang for your time buck, and how to avoid common time-wasting mistakes.

Foundations workshop is the perfect way to try Kettlebell Training and see if you enjoy it and it holds no obligation.

Your workshop will also include the following:
    1. A 12-week training plan based around the mastering of the swing, goblet squat, lunge, turkish get up, presses and core exercises. 
    2. A free pass to 1 week unlimited classes.

      What can you do after completing the workshop?

      We recommend taking 4-8 weeks of our Kettlebells 101 Classes which are a part of our weekly schedule and correlate with the 12-week programme that you will receive at the workshop. There you will learn technique for the most fundamental kettebell exercises which will allow you to either continiue training on your own, safely participate in our intermediate and advanced classes, train for global kettlebell challenges, prepare for Kettlebell Sport, and progress through our multi-level skill grading system.


      2 hours


      North Shore, Basement 1, 65 Birkenhead Avenue, Birkenhead.

      Price: $97 (early bird discounts available)