Private Coaching in Studio

Kettlebell Academy Private coaching delivers results, plain and simple.
Using a 'Personal Trainer' who counts your reps and 'pushes you' is unsistainable and inefficient. How many people do you know who have the time and money to see a trainer for 3-5 times per week? Besides, having someone take you through simple training sessions year after year leads to excessive reliance, lack of initiative and lack of responsibility for your own fitness.PicsArt_05-02-03.12.41 (1).jpg
It isnt how we roll at KBA.

We believe in teaching, not babysitting. We KNOW that everyone is capable of training by themselves with some clear guidance and accountability. And after years and years of practice we are certain that teaching students to train by themselves is the BEST way to ensure life-long sustainable fitness habits. We do not give you a fish, we teach you TO fish.

Our hybrid accountability-based coaching system is unique in that it helps you build a ROCK SOLID foundation, confidence and competence for training by yourself with kettlebells and calisthenics at home.
To achieve our objective in making you a Home Fitness Ninja, we use these three components:
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1) Technique Sessions. Focused technique work in weekly Private Sessions at your home, via Skype or at our studio. This is done to teach you correct form, to educate you about breathing and intensity, to eliminate any technique errors and to keep your jonts safe. Your coach can also discuss nutrition and lifestyle in those sessions. If you are a beginner to kettlebells it is recommended that you start with weekly sessions.
2) Home Performance Plan. For the other 2-4 days in your week you receive a Home Performance Plan to put all those moves to use building you a strong, lean and toned body. The plan is conveniently available through your app. For a more in-depth description of performance plans, check the 'Performance Plans' page above. Many KBA students continue to follow their Performance Plans and train by themselves Only occasionally booking technique, nutrition or assessment sessions. 


3) Accountability and Support. All your training is tracked and monitored by your coach. Every workout you complete, every stretch you check in for through the app, the coach sees it all. Your Performance Plans are updated based on your.... performance! For extra motivation you can plug yourself into a virtual group, where you meet other KBA ninjas who are on a similar level or are working on a similar goal. You see each other's training, can cheer each other on, exchange information and get motivated to 'Just Do It!' if you're feeling blah. 
Ready to get started or would like more info?
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Kettlebell Dojo @ Silo Park, Auckland


Fresh air, sun, sea, cover in case of rain, great people and kettlebells galore! 

The Dojo is a weekly outdoor kettlebell workshop for the whole family. The theme is different with every session, and the more popular themes (TGU, The swing, Satch tes, complexes, Girevoy Sport) repeat regularly. Each class consists of a warm up, a technique instruction for fundamental kettlebell exercises, a workout and a stretch. The exercises are scaled to your level of experience, the intensity is moderate to high. 

Join Kettlebell Dojo because it's a great way to try out kettlebell training, polish your technique, have a great time with like minded people and get fit outdoors.


Casual Pass: $20

10 Session Pass: $130 (used within 6 months' period)

Online Coaching Members - FREE


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Kettlebell Fundamentals Course

amber bw.jpgWhether you want to join Kettlebell Dojo, participate in Kettlebell Challenges or simply learn solid technique for your own training, this is where you begin.

Kettlebell Fundamentals is 12 weeks of  weekly 1on1 or Small Group coaching sessions that lead you through a progressive mastering of kettlebell techniques, from simple deadlifts all the way to Snatch. 

Additionally to coaching sessions you receive a Home Performance Plan, accessible through the dedicated app, for your independent practice. You have your coach's support, contact and interaction with and accountability to your classmates through the app, plus you become a lifetime member of the exclusive online KBA Ninja Club.

At the end of the course you compete a number of kettlebell tests that will serve as a starting benchmark for your future progress.

This is all geared to have you ready and motivated to use Kettlebells safely and effectively on your own.

What to choose: 1on1, House Call or Small Group?

1on1 Findamentals Training is recommended to those who cannot make the class times, advanced athletes, also absolute beginners (think: under 60s plank, under 50 reps unbroken of bodyweight squats), individuals with severe physical restrictions or pre-existing conditions.

House Call is recommended for individuals who are time poor and would like the flexibility that mobile training affords.

Small Group Fundamentals Training is recommended for individuals with a basic level of fitness (think: 90s plank, 50 bodyweight squats to parallel or lower) and no physical restrictions. 

Rates: 12 weeks

1on1 Fundamentals Training (in studio) LIMITED PLACES AVAILABLE

3 x monthly payments of $240 OR 1 x payment of $600



1on1 Fundamentals Training (in your own home) CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

3 x monthly payments of $320 OR 1 x payment of $840



Small Group Findamentals Training (2-4 people)

3 x monthly payments of $150 OR 1 x payment of $360