Home Performance Plans

Whether you attend Kettlebell Academy classes or not, we discovered that most of our successful clients' training happens at home. Independent training promotes self discipline, confidence and helps make fitness a more permanent part of your daily routine. 

We offer a range of membership options depending on what you need, based on our initial consultation and ongoing communication. Our goal is to help you be the best YOU, working creatively within the parameters of YOUR lifestyle, values and goals. Some people are looking for a bit of guidance and accountability and others desire more direction, support, and coaching. Trhoughout our relationship we will be constantly re-assessing your situation and progress to determine which options may be best suited for you at the current moment.

How Online Coaching works:


  • After receiving your private login, you will be required to complete an in-depth health and fitness questionanire.
  • Then, depending on the package we have worked out for you, you will have your 1on1 consultation and undergo a functional movement screen via skype or video. Then 24 hours later you will have your first Performance Plan loaded into your account.
  • Your Performance Plan is easy to view, use and manage on any device at any time. The workouts have an in-built timer, video and written instructions for every exercise.There is also a scheduling calendar, stats tracker, progress photo camera and other tools that make it fun and easy to achieve your daily, monthly and yearly goals.
  • You will be having regular, semi-regular or casual skype coaching sessions with your trainer, without ever needing to leave your home that last from 15 to 90 minutes depending on their purpose. 
  • If you live in Auckland (or visiting) and did want to have a face-to-face session with your coach, that is available as well.
  • You can track your stats, or simply check in to track adherence to the plan. You can watch your progress and interact 1-on-1 with your coach via the messaging tool.
  • Your Performance Plans grow with you. As you get healthier, stronger, lose weight, gain enegry and become fitter, you unlock new skill levels, new workouts, new challenges and new Benchmarks. It's a never-ending climb to virtuosity and we're with you every step of the way.

Membership Options



hayley.jpgThis option is for you if you want to progress your fitness using our proven milti-level approach, be connected with other ninjas and accountable to your coach.

- After accessing your goals, experience and life situation, you are set up with a Kettlebell Academy Progression Plan that is best suited for you. Our plans are multi-level, and you complete and progress at your own pace, supported by your coach and your accountability group.

- Progress and Attendance Tracking

- Assessment via Video Submission

- Technique Checks Via Video Submission

- Online Support and KBA Ninja Club membership

You will be able to use a mobile device to access all your workouts and watch technique videos. Your coach will be monitoring your adherence and tracking your progress. 


amber bw.jpgThis is the optimal option if you want a fully individualized long or short term plan. 

Your progression plan is revised monthly and based around your progress, adherence, priorities, ongoing health history, exercise experience, time/space/equipment availability and changing life commitments.  

- Monthly Skype sessions - technique coaching, nutrition, mindset, goal setting, accounability, planning & reporting, questions etc. 

- Progress & Attendance Tracking

- Level assessment via video submission

- Technique Checks via Video Submission

- Online Support and KBA Ninja Club membership